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6 Best Gift Ideas for Boaters!

on September 13, 2021


Gift ideas for boaters! Find the best gift!

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6 Best Gift Ideas for Boaters!

Boat owner style gift guide


Have you ever been puzzled about what the perfect gift for your boater friend will be?

Don't worry about it anymore! This article covers a few gift suggestions that will make your boater friend very happy!

As with all technology, boating technology has also advanced greatly in recent times. The newly available boating gear is well thought out, keeping the boater's needs in mind.

Here are our top picks for a great gift, we had some help from our boater friends, to get a boaters perspective:

1. The Taylor Made T-Top Boat Shade Kit

Keep your friend protected from the sun, with this one-of-a-kind Taylor Made T-Top Boat Shade Kit.

After a long day out, on the open water in the scorching hot sun, boaters get nasty sunburns. Which makes the boating experience a bit unpleasant. But this gift solves that problem with a cool boat cover:

Boat shade

This boat cover was designed to provide protection from harmful UV rays, made with lightweight material, 'Resilience', it has exceptional elasticity that allows it to fit on many different sized boats. This provides the boat with a custom made look!

It is also specially designed to handle speeds as high as 30 knots without making any noise.

This kit comes with a one-year warranty.

You definitely can not go wrong with this gift. Any boat owner is guaranteed to love these practical boat accessories!

Enjoy a relaxing, fun holiday while staying nice and cool, protected from the sun. No more fishing in the blistering sun. Gaze upon the marine life comfortably in the shade.

fun holiday on the water

The cover also comes with a one-year warranty.

You definitely can not go wrong with this gift. Any boat owner is guaranteed to love it!

Get these great gifts for boat owners in our store Marine Supplies US

2. Speakers

What is a great boating holiday without some music?

If the boat owner doesn't already own some, good-quality speakers. is a great gift. Some good music on a stereo can turn even the worst boating holiday into a great one.

We recommend the 8 inch White Stadium Speakers by JBL.

They aren't just loud enough to throw lots of fun boating parties but they look amazing, very in style!

cooler boat party style

These speakers are illuminated, which means they light up. Now boat owners can have themselves a disco party out at sea.

These stereo speakers come with removable 3.5-inch mid tweeters, very practical for personalized sound preference!

This is one of the best gift ideas to give a new boat owner or just to those boat owners who love their music. Giving you a high-quality sailing experience.

cooler boating party in ocean

Take a glance at the illuminating marine grade speakers at Marine Supplies US

3. A top of the line GPS navigational system

While in the middle of the ocean, it can be quite tricky to navigate.

Knowing where your boat is heading is quite crucial for the safety of your passenger's Thanks to the advances in technology, there is no need to only rely on a compass, there are navigation systems available.

We recommend this Internal GPS. high quality Marine GPS with Bluetooth, fishing

This is one of the best tools for boat owners.

This GPS will not only guide boat owners in the right direction but it has a built-in fishfinder, getting you within an inch of your catch!

With a 12-inch high-resolution display screen, that has adjustable brightness settings. This means you can see what is going on, on the screen even while floating in direct sunlight.

This awesome boating gear comes with a C-MAP 4D card that allows the owner to have more advanced cartography.

This tool comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that makes software updating very easy, you do not need a phone app or PC. There is a dual-screen where you can view it on the GPS screen or on your phone.

It has automatic storage and synchronization of important data using Captain Cloud.

This great new boat tool comes with SI-TEX's 2-year warranty. This tool will make any boating holiday less stressful and will make sailing and catching fish loads more fun!

Bluetooth gifts for boat owners for fishing

This awesome practical gift can be bought with pay.

Take a look at this great gear at Marine Supplies US.


4. An automatic life jacket

The most important thing while at sea is floating.

Life jackets are a crucial addition to any sailing experience. In the past decade, there has been a rise in self-inflating life jackets, they are generally safer and provide more flotation than traditional foam life jackets.

We recommend this Automatic Life Jacket.

high quality  light weight, heavy duty

This lightweight life jacket incorporates the latest Fusion 3D technology to ensure maximum comfort levels.

As the entry-level to the USCG Fusion 3D range, the Crew fit 35 Sport includes essential features that ensure the recreational user remains safe when out on the water including unique inflatable chin support which helps keep your airway clear of the water.

Its low-profile design will make you forget that you are even wearing a life jacket. Making it perfect for the owner to wear while fishing and sailing.

This great gift is also amazing for a boater who has kids. Kids do not like being uncomfortable especially while sailing out on the water.

new boat owner, best gifts

Take a look at this life jacket and many more like it, at Marine Supplies US

5. A nautical tableware set

Even when you are out on the ocean, it is always loads of fun to have a dinner party!

When looking for gifts for your boater friend, a nice dinner set is an ideal gift.

We recommend this Melamine Tableware-Set.


best gifts for boaters

This Northwind tableware pack contains a set of 24 pieces which is fitting for 6 people. This set is made up of 6 dinner plates, 6 soup, and dessert bowls, and 6 cups, each cup can stack neatly on another.

The whole set is made from unbreakable melamine.

This set comes in a basket holder that can be used to store the melamine tableware, a fruit basket, or to store other nautical accessories.

This tableware set is non-slip, BPA-free.
All the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

This nautical design is of a Northwind compass. With white and navy colors, perfect for any boat style.

All the pieces in this set may be purchased separately.

There is also a 13 piece nautical set available which is fitting for 4 people.

nautical compass design, best gifts for boaters

Go take a look at this practical nautical set and a few others at Marine Supplies US.

6. A set of glasses

Another gift your boater friend will love is a nice set of nautical glasses.

What is a boat party or dinner party without some wine? And what is a nice glass of wine on a boat, without a nice nautical glass?

We recommend this set of Nautical Wine Glasses:


nautical marine boater gifts

These glasses are made of MS, a top-quality, shock-proof, and unbreakable material that is also difficult to scratch.

This material is ideal for life on board, it is also useful as it can withstand drinks with a high alcohol content without turning opaque.

These glasses are BPA Free and also break-resistant.

Have lovely glasses on board without worrying about broken glass!

This is definitely one of the best gifts for boaters.

nautical boater gifts

Make sure to find out which glass sets are already owned by the boater, as not to buy the same set.


Marine Business Water Glass - NORTHWIND - Set of 6 [15106C] - Marine Supplies US


Go have a look at some of our other awesome glass sets at Marine Supplies US.

Bonus gift ideas for boaters:


Ask any boater, it gets bumpy out on the sea. A cup holder is great to keep your drinks from falling over.

Go take a look at these cup holders at Marine Supplies US.

A first aid kit.

It might seem silly but a first aid kit is very important to having on a boat.

Take a look at these first aid kits and pick one your boater friend will like at Marine Supplies US.


MyMedic Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit - Black [MM-KIT-SPL-UNI-STRM-PRF-BLK] - Marine Supplies US

We are sure that these gifts will make your boater buddy very happy!

 Happy Sailing!

Find the perfect boater gift at the marine supply store Marine Supplies US your online marine dealership!



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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

I have a lot of friends who own boats. This is a great gift guide!


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