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15 Important Safety Tips

15 Important Safety Tips for Water Sports

on September 30, 2020

Watersports are great fun and physical activity, boating safety, and water safety are vital! Follow our water safety tips and enjoy.

15 Important Safety Tips, life jackets



Are you ready to enjoy water sports this summer? If yes, then here is what you need to know! With all the fun and enjoyment, you need to take care of a few things so that you can enjoy the most luxurious and fun activity while applying all water safety tips! Water safety is especially important to teach children. Simply follow these water sports safety tips and you are all set to dive into the most adventurous activities with your young children with all fun and zero danger! So without any delay, let’s get started!

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Water Sports Safety Guide: 15 Things to Remember

Whether you are boating, water skiing, snorkeling, or swimming, you always need to remember that your safety has to be the top priority. Here is a list of things that you must always keep in mind whenever you decide to go for any kind of water sport.

  1. Know the basic swimming skills
  2. Never go alone or tell someone about your plans
  3. Check your equipment and make a checklist before leaving
  4. Check the weather and sea conditions 
  5. Learn how to perform CPR or rescue in case of emergency
  6. Inspect the area 
  7. Drinking alcohol and waiting after large meals before getting into the water
  8. Wear a life vest
  9. Wear a sunscreen
  10. Know the rules and remember the signs
  11. Bring a safety kit
  12. Label your equipment
  13. Bring your communication essentials in a dry bag
  14. Be extra careful about the children
  15. Do not overdo your swimming ability

Let us now discuss each one of them in detail!

1. Know the basic swimming skills

Do you know that each day around 10 people die drowning in the water? So, this is not something that can be taken casually! If you are going into the water, you must know how to swim. Take swimming lessons or practice a few times in the swimming pool or lake so that you know the basics before getting into the water. Weak swimmers should never attempt to do watersports alone, always enter the water safely.

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2. Never go alone or tell someone about your plans

This is another important consideration! It is always safe to have a partner with you when you go for water sports. However, if you do not like taking anyone with you, you must at least let someone know about your plans. Tell your friend or someone you trust about your schedule; when will you leave and what possibly would be the time of your return. This will ensure that if in case something bad happens, someone can have a check on you! 

3. Check your equipment and make a checklist before leaving

Before leaving for your water sports activity, you must carefully check your equipment to ensure that it is in a good condition. It is always better to make a checklist that you can go through every time you leave so that you do not miss out on anything. To buy some really amazing water sports equipment visit Marine Supplies US


Also, you must know the proper use of the equipment. You can enjoy water sports only if you are well trained in the use of equipment.   

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4. Check the weather forecast

One of the most important considerations is checking the weather forecast before leaving. It helps you prepare well on time for any kind of weather. Paddlers must pay special attention to the wind current and fog around the area, whereas the scuba divers and surfers must look out for any rip currents that can be dangerous for them in the open water. 

5. Learn how to perform CPR or rescue in case of emergency

If you know how to perform CPR, you can rescue someone in case of an emergency. This is the most immediate treatment that can save someone’s life. So if you are getting into water sports, you must know how to perform CPR and rescue someone out of the water if something bad happens.

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6. Inspect the area

It is always safe to inspect the area thoroughly before getting started! Ask the locals about the water depth and look for places patrolled by lifeguards. Avoid places with dangerous rocks or breakwaters.

7. Never drink alcohol and wait after large meals before getting into the water

You can keep yourself and your family safe by being careful not to take any alcoholic beverages with you. Also, it is always recommended to wait for some time after having your meal before you get into the water. These little things can save you from a lot of trouble!

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8. Wear a life jacket

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, never forget to wear a life jacket before getting into the water. Also, make sure that your life jacket fits you properly and you are comfortable in it. You never know when the rough water becomes problematic for you, so it is always safe to be in a life jacket that can protect you well in case of any trouble. You can buy some really cool life jackets from here

9. Wear a sunscreen

Water sports are mostly carried out in summers which means that you are directly under the sun all this time. That is why it is always advised to always wear sunscreen before getting into the water. You can also keep it in your bag and keep applying it over and over again so that your skin does not get burned when exposed to direct sunlight.

 daylight hours, stay safe, family


10. Know the rules and remember the signs

Remember the general rule: Be aware of your surroundings. Wear a bright-colored jacket so that it is visible, carry a whistle with you so that you can pass on a signal to someone in case of emergency, and apply some reflective tape on your craft. Take notice of all the signs and flags in the surroundings. Always remember that the area between the yellow and red flags is patrolled by the lifeguards, and the one between the white and black flags is marked to be the one for surfers and boats. The red flag, if you see someone where means do not enter into the water. These signs are meant to be for your safety so you must always look for them and follow them wherever required. 

11. Bring a safety kit

You must keep the First Aid Kit, flashlight, whistle, maps, water, and toolbox with you; all of which can save you from a lot of trouble in case of an emergency. You can purchase all these things from here

12. Label your equipment

Always label your gear with your name and any 2 contact numbers so that if any accident happens, you can be identified and rescued easily. It will also be easier to contact your family members in case something bad happens. So you must always keep that in mind before getting into water sports.

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13. Bring your communication essentials in a dry bag

No one likes to carry a cell phone when in the water, we know that! However, for safety concerns, it is always recommended to keep your communication essentials in a dry bag that you may need in case of an emergency. To avoid contact with the water, you can keep your cellphone in a waterproof casing ( here is the link) or you can even carry a two-way radio for easy communication if needed. 

14. Be careful about the children

Taking your children for water sports is always fun, but you always have to be extra careful about them. Make sure that the children are wearing a life jacket at all times and also that they know the swimming basics. Always keep an eye on them and do not let them go too far. If you decide to take your kids for boating, here is what to need to do.

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15. Do not overdo

Water sports are usually very tiring so you must always keep in mind not to overdo yourself too much. Getting too tired can lead to accidents and nobody wants that! So, just to be safe, end it up well on time so that you have enough time to relax and enjoy your outing. 

And… that was it! If you follow these very easy tips and tricks, you can enjoy the maximum out of your water sports. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the water sports equipment from our website and get started already! Cheers!

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