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How to make money on a boat

How to make money on a boat

on November 01, 2020

10 Ways to Earn with Liveaboard

Who says it's impossible to make money while you are liveaboard and sailing around the world's most beautiful places. 

We all know how much it costs for a liveaboard, and the expenses are not easy for everyone to bear. 

The options are always available, and making money is possible while traveling around the world abroad. You only have to work on how much you wish to make and how exactly you want to make it?

Here you will find many ideas you might not have given a thought about earlier. These ideas can surely make your liveaboard a hassle-free and fun experience, taking your financial worries away. Few of these ideas might better go with particular boat sizes than others. Do read and research, so it can lead you to turn your problems into pleasures again.

Please do check with your boat insurers before using a few ideas from here like, adding passengers to your boat will be the right choice or not. The policy you use might need some changes in terms of being used as a business commodity. Another most important factor before you plan and start your voyage is to get checked all the safety equipment on the boat and their efficiency to help the number of people aboard.  

You might also need to get some local permits and licenses cross-border if your plans are for some extended periods. Some countries might be more lenient than others. If you get your due diligence process done, it will be helping you a lot on your travel.  

  1. Personalized Cruise

Many people love traveling on a cruise or a ship, but they hate to be a part of an unnecessary rush on a big cruise. People are always looking forward to some thrill and entertainment, but they don't have many resources to hire a personal boat or a cruise. You can welcome such guests along on your cruise and plan a trip combined depending on their choices of exploration as well. The journey might be of a few days or weeks even. These people are always looking for such opportunities, and you have to be very honest with them while inviting them aboard, or it might be trouble once you start the journey. Keep every information and facts delivered. The guest appreciates such transparency. 

The cruise can be tailored in preference to the guest, charging them for it. Many cruise owners charge their guests separately things like food, beverages, and fuel. If your cruise is equipped with all these facilities, you can add all of these in a package provided firsthand. 

Do keep in mind the number of guests you can accommodate must be equal to the number of rooms you have on the cruise if it is an overnight journey. You might also have the guest, who might wish for an experience of handling and working on the board, let them indulge in these activities along with you, like a steer in your guidance, scrubbing the deck and hoisting the sail; they will enjoy it all. 


  1. Diving Vacation

Diving has become a passion nowadays. People often take out time from their busy schedules to get indulged in the sea's calm, so they love diving. There are many diving societies, groups, and the website you can connect with. They are always looking for boats to get into the right place. You can also have your website or collaboration with the diver's site, organizers, and companies to attract the divers to come along. They might ask you for a part of your earnings from that diver, but will not be a bad deal. There might be a few restrictions with PADI if you don't have your compressor, and if you don't, you might need a PADI card to go ahead.  

swimming with fish

  1. Fishing Cruise

If you have the capacity and the boat can be used as a fishing boat, you can earn another excellent option. You can decide upon having a larger group of people or a few guests, for example, a couple. You can specialize in these trips as much as you can for a better earning opportunity. The fishing arrangement can be planned for half a day, a day, or even longer if your boat can accommodate people overnight. You can do it as a catch and release or keep the fish because there is always a strong demand for fresh fish.

  1. Dolphin and Whale Watching

These are the best and most preferred exploration for people traveling and even the locals. You can attract and be aware of people in two ways. Firstly, you can put your advertisement on a local website describing your cruise's services and features. Secondly, You can tout the marina, telling about your services; make sure that it will not be a problem in that area as many places are preoccupied with the cruise owners and might not like it pre inquire if there are more boats needed.

Before you start this service, do not forget to research well and become aware of the restriction on distance maintenance from the dolphins and whales. Some areas might be strict with these rules and might get you in trouble if not familiar.

whale watching

  1. Photographic Boat Tours 

Many photographers are enthusiastic about photography off the land. You can use it by letting them the opportunity to capture larger astonishing images from a boat, offering views and angles in and on a cruise, views of the sea and the cliff, everything in a different perception of seeing in the twilight and stars, which people don't get to see usually. You can advertise these tour plans in some photographic society or a website to gain photographers' attention. If you are a photographer, you can design a sea photography course for amateur photographers.  

  1. Earn from Other Cruisers

Boating is a rich man's sport most often. You might have thought that it is difficult to make money from the cruisers, and you are possibly wrong. You can work as a mechanic, engineer, and electrician by determining your charges depending on the area you are providing your services and what is the competition you might have in that locality.  

  1. Yacht Charter Companies

One easy option to earn from your boat is collaborating with yacht charter companies. They hire your boat and render it to their customers. It is a very safe option, as well. They have a team of professionals who take good care of your boat and handle it well. They will be paying you a particular percentage of amounts they receive as rent from customers. 

This will also boost the resale value of your boat. In most cases, the charter boats have better accommodation requiring regular maintenance, which is a point of worry amongst the buyer.

  1. Lessons on Sailing

Are you good at sailing and can you teach it? If yes, then what else do you need to make some money. Some services teach people to sail, but either it is off the board or may not be that excellent learning experience, and it also charges heavily. You can take up sailing lessons, which will provide more detailed and practical learning for people, with a hands-on approach helping them gain more confidence. If you are not that good with teaching, you can hire an instructor on your board to teach on your behalf. You can also video this lesson to put it online or for later uses.

  1. Wedding Cruise

You can let people hire your boat to hold a wedding or receptions parties. If your boat has good accommodation, this is a perfect idea to earn. Weddings on the cruise are the most emerging trend these days, and people pay lavishly to enjoy this experience. You can also easily cater to it by hiring the necessary services, allowing you to earn a better profit.

  1. Blog or Video Your Boating Adventures

The Internet has become the biggest charmer, entertainer, and informative platform today. Many people do write blogs and make a video of their travel experiences. Money making does not always need services, not in today's times. You can film your everyday experience, add in some information and creativity, and shoot lessons on boating and its maintenance and put it on the Internet. Many cruisers have either sponsors or are raising funds by sharing their travel videos, and people love watching them.

We hope this article has given you some good ideas and will help you enjoy your travel once again. Bon Voyage!


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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

This is a great article for those looking to make money with their boats


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