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First time saillor

10 Useful Tips for first time sailors

on August 15, 2021

Learning to sail? Follow some great tips for beginners! Get ready, sailors!


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Going out for a marine adventure is always exciting. It is more exciting when you are going to hit the sea for the first time. However, have you planned your first sailing adventure well? Have you thought about which boat to hire or where you will go? Does your budget allow you to do all this? There is a lot to think about, especially when you plan to sail the sea for the first time. When taking your sailboat out for the first time, pick your destination upfront. Sailor Beginners should always take a crew onboard the sailboat. Knowledge is power; the more knowledge you have about sailing, the safer you will be. Improve your sailing knowledge

Learning to sail is difficult at first; sailing school is recommended for first-time sailors.


Sailing Terminology 

Understanding some basic terms of sailing is vital; this will make communication easier with other people on board or other boats.  The Basics of Sailing is a blog that will explain all the terms used when sailing. This blog is beneficial for first-time sailors.

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Always check the weather.

Wind and tides play a big role when it comes to sailing. If you are sailing and it is your first time, comfortable wind speed is 5 to 12 knots. For first-time sailors, it is best to sail in calm waters and work on your skills.


Never leave without the Nautical Guide.

Hiring a nautical guide will prove very beneficial for first-time sailors. A marine guide provides details regarding marinas and ports of the areas you plan to go to. They have every essential information about the place, including the description of every service and the contact numbers. A well-read guide will help you a lot. A useful guide provides other information, too, such as:

· Weather information 
· Wind maps 
· Advice on the location you have selected
· Telling you the best and safest route to travel


If you are interested in gaining some marine knowledge yourself, you can check our marine and lakes chart that is available on our website. 

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Charter and travel insurance 

Always get travel insurance, purchase boats that are insured. Besides, you can choose an insurance plan for your entire trip! Yes, you read that right. Everything from changes, cancellations, and lost luggage can get insurance. Contrary to the belief that this insurance must be expensive, it is not. Such travel insurances are affordable, and they will save you in case of mishaps.

Now talking about charter insurance, the deposit, and the skipper liability insurance are widespread. People take this insurance because it covers damages that that comprehensive coverage doesn't cover. 


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Safety Equipment 

Before you leave the port, make sure that you check the boat properly. It should have all the necessary safety equipment. Visit our Safety equipment blog.

When sailing, you are on open waters in the deep sea and should always be prepared for any boat or yacht failure and any sailing injury.

When sailing school and learning to sail, you as a captain take responsibility for anyone on board with you, including your crew. If you are the yacht captain, keep in mind that a yacht is much bigger and has many more people on board.

A yacht has more safety equipment, and it is always a good idea to have extra equipment on board. A sailboat should also always be checked to make sure all safety equipment is in line.

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While you are planning your sea adventure, make sure you do ample research about all the concerned authorities you can contact in case of an emergency.

It is always better to take precautions. Mobile networks will only work if you are in the shoreside tower's range. If you are out of its range, your phone will become useless. Therefore, check the Marine VHF Radio. It is used for voice communication from ship to shore or ship to ship. It can be used network-free.

Marine VHF Radio is probably one of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment you can have while on the sea. You can make numerous calls to people nearby.

For a beginning captain, it is crucial to have one of these. In your first ever crisis, there is no doubt that you will panic and need some talking down to keep your mindset in line.

It is also equipment that the law has made a compulsion to carry. So, make sure that you have this safety gear at any cost. You can even purchase high-quality and affordable Marine VHF Handheld Radio

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If you plan to go out on a marine adventure, I am sure you might be wondering what if you get seasick. That is a ubiquitous question that bothers people.

Before you start sailing, make sure that you are not empty stomach or too full. Carry some medications with you along with some salty food such as crackers or dry bread. Such food items will give you immediate relief if you feel nauseous as they will line your stomach. 

As far as medications are concerned, you can carry some over-the-counter medicines, but you can even visit your family doctor, who will prescribe you some right medicines if you want. 

When taking prescribed medicine on board, always be sure to copy the prescription with you just in case. It is also good to inform the captain if you are aware that you do get motion sick easily.

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Things that you should have in your luggage 

This task also requires some research from your end. If the location that you have selected would be cold, then keep some warm clothes. Accordingly, if the weather won't be cold, then keep delicate clothing items.

Go online and learn about the weather of your destination before beginning your trip. Warm and cold weather can have very different meanings in different places of the world.

Standing under sails can sometimes make you feel colder. Being on yachts is way more cozy and warm. There are many tips to learn, so do your research. Knowledge can save you from many inconveniences.

 Another thing to note here is that cabins do not have a lot of space, so avoid carrying huge luggage bags. Carry limited yet essential items. You will have space restrictions, so make sure that you pack smartly. 

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Currency and documents 

As far as documents are concerned, make sure that you are familiar with the visa requirements of your visiting place. Note that the visa requirements change according to the nationality of the tourist. See if your ID and Passport are valid. Also, bring a photocopy of every vital document to be on the safer side. 

If your documents get lost in another country, and you can not show any proof of citizenship or a visa, you will get into some serious trouble with border patrol at the port of any destination you reach on your course.

When going on holiday with a boat, make sure in the beginning stage that you have the documentation of everyone on board in line to save yourself a world of trouble.

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Talking of the currency, if you are visiting someplace where a different currency is used, make sure that you have enough money in that currency to pay for extras in the base quickly. 

Energy consumption 

Never overpower yachts and boats with devices.

A yacht operates on a 12-volt DC System. You should get more than one conventional plug, but you will be able to charge a mobile or any other similar device. If you are planning to charge bulky devices like laptops, that will not be possible. 

Some big boats have 120v - 240v investors or generators; however, smaller boats don't have that option. You will have to wait until you reach the port to charge bulky devices like laptops.

Even if your boat has a generator or inverter, we recommend you not waste electricity and use it only when necessary. The important thing is to not run out of energy because then you will land in serious trouble. We recommend you pick up a solar charger to get relieved from this situation.

Having a solar charger can always come in handy, especially in a time of need when it is crucial to get in touch with someone on land.

Having a solar charger will also help you save some money as a beginners captain. If you have a whole crew charging phones and music devices, you will most definitely feel the dent in your pocket when it comes to fuel, seeing as the power from the vessel itself is made possible through fuel usage.



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If you have hired crew members or are traveling along with your family, you need to take care of their food and beverages. You can go to local shops to get these food supplies, or you can even go to supermarkets.

However, the prices at the Supermarket will be a little more. There are also charter companies that provide provisioning lists. They will go and do the grocery shopping for you and make sure that you have enough groceries for everyone.

It will cost you a little more, but it is good to stay relaxed and not worry about every meal. This may seem like an easy task; you cook at home, don't you?

Well... don't forget about the sand, waves, wind, and movement of the boat you will be cooking on; this task is not impossible but will indeed be more difficult.

While learning tips to improve your sailing skill, it will be great to catch some tips about cooking on a boat. The web is full of great tips and tricks for you to try out.

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Extra expenses 

Prepare for additional expenses.

Your yacht or boat will need fuel, so you will have to pay for that at the end of the charter. Another additional expense is mooring fees.

Now mooring fees depend on one destination to another. You can contact your charter broker for any other further details that you would want to ask. These expenses are commonly overseen when going on holiday.

When you plan for a holiday you plan all the fun things first and you won't believe how many people forget to go through their budget correctly.

They end up wasting hours, hours of fun, hours of exhaustion stressing out about affording the vacation they are already on instead; it could have been hours filled with fun and relaxation.

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These are some helpful tips that will make your very first sailing journey memorable and stress-free. If you plan to hit the sea this winter, you should check our blog on cold weather sailing tips. Make sure you follow every lead to make the sea your best friend. 

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