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winter sailing

10 Cold Weather Sailing Tips That You Must Know

on November 10, 2020

Why stay indoors during cold weather if you can enjoy the outdoor? Follow our winter sailing tips and get sailing this winter

winter sailing, cold weather




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Your sailing performance is greatly affected by your energy levels, and you won't have a lot if your body is using it to keep warm. You also need to add safety and arrangements in cold weather in case of harsh conditions. Here are ten tips to keep you prepared.


1. Don't check the time on your phone. 

It is not worth the risk of getting your phone damaged in cold and wet weather, every time you need to check the time when sailing. In order to avoid damaging your phone or other items, ensure to wear a waterproof sailing watch. This will keep your hands hassle-free and your device safe and stowed away. You are also able to purchase a GPS that is able to display the time and location for you. In addition, you can also buy a waterproof cover, which is available for purchase online, for your phone or GPS. This could be a wise and valuable purchase for someone who sails often. If you go sailing with a very tight budget and you are financially unable to make a purchase at the time, you can use a high-quality zip lock bag to put your phone in to prevent it from moist cold air, rain, and water splashes. However, if you are able to make the purchase it is sure to make your sailing experience much better.Sailing watch, few minutes

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2. Protect yourself from freezing

You should always be wary of temperature drops and cold shock during the sailing season. For safety, you should always have a life jacket on, even if you are an experienced swimmer. The water temperatures can drop and can become freezing cold during the winter months. Thus it is important to be prepared and to stay warm. Something to keep your core temperature consistent and your neck warm is a wind-breaking jacket. Not only is this an investment to look stylish and warm but it is also a floatation device. It does not require multiple layers and helps you to stay dry and afloat. This is wonderful as it regulates your body heat and covers your safety needs entirely. If you happen to immerse yourself in the cold water, this jacket does a very good job of preventing your body from getting too wet and cold in the water.

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3. Stay connected

During this age and time, staying connected to friends and family is important. We are all used to being in contact with our significant others or family (staying connected and in contact is very important if you need to reach the coast guard). In order to let your loved ones know that you are safe and enjoying your time, it can be very useful to invest in a power socket. This allows you to have an extra source of power for when your devices are low on battery. You can stay powered up with a life-saving power socket; this can also help prevent getting lost at sea when you have no powered devices, to communicate with the world on land. You have to ensure that your power socket is waterproof in order to avoid getting shocked. A is a great USB dual charge socket that can withstand rain and moisture safely is a must-have. This is a very important item to keep on the boat for backup, when or if the time comes.

USB Dual charge socket

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4. Get off on the right foot

It is also vital that you have a good pair of comfortable boots when sailing. You also need a pair of toe warmers, such as wool socks. It can not be an enjoyable experience when your body or feet are cold. Investing in proper boots is a smart way to go. Your boots should have good traction to avoid slips and falls, especially since the winter comes with dew and wet surfaces. These boots are made explicitly for sailing and offer superior comfort for your feet. You will enjoy keeping busy and on your feet with these ultra-evolved boots providing everything you need in only one pair of sailing shoes. As you are always on your feet, up and down, this is one item which you should not neglect.Sailing footwear

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5. Your hands are your best friend

Another tip is to keep your hands protected and warm, with gloves, at all times to avoid them going stiff from the cold. Wool gloves are suitable for this. Since you are constantly working with your hands and need them for almost all activities, you need to ensure that they are taken care of. In sailing conditions when you need to use your hands, they cannot be cold and difficult to move. After all, they will be used to do all of the sailings, and you do not want to risk cramping up in the middle of the sea. A pair of hand warmers are all you need to avoid this problem. Therefore, a pair of gloves is the right way to go. These gloves are made specifically for water sports and protect your hands very nicely from wet and cold conditions. There your problem is solved!


Sailing gloves

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6. Stay active

The more active you are when sailing and keeping at a reasonable speed, the more your body will generate heat (as your body exerts energy) and help you stay awake. When you are not very active and do not do much, your body’s temperature drops and it tries to conserve all the heat and energy it can, as a reserve for when you need it again. When you are inactive and cold, you are much less likely to want to use energy and so it becomes more difficult to do things. So in order to get your blood pumping and energy levels up, you need to be active and participating in sailing activities.


7. Drink warm liquids

Nobody enjoys being cold on the inside and the outside. So in an attempt to stay warm during the winter months, we all enjoy a hot beverage such as hot chocolate and coffee. When you are warm on the inside, your experiences also become much better. Therefore you can drink warm liquids (hot chocolate) in order to avoid heat loss. This is also one of the most pleasant ways to stay warm and safe from the cold. Good quality and long-lasting flask keep anything warm from morning to night to morning again. When on a boat in the middle of the sea it also becomes difficult to heat things up and therefore a storage container for your hot beverage, it always an option. It does not hurt to snuggle up with the bottle either during the night if you are out camping on the sailboat.Thermos

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8. Don't have a heavy meal

We all rely on food to survive and provide us with energy. However, when you eat too much and have an overly full stomach, all of your energy goes into digesting and processing the food. This means you have lower energy levels to put into the sailing work. This explains why you may feel like taking a long nap after a heavy, fulfilling meal. So in order to conserve energy and to stay on your feet, you can eat smaller portions of meals more frequently, during the day. This deters you from overusing all your energy at once and allows you to preserve it while also being satisfied and not hungry.


9. Always check the forecast for storms.

Mother Nature is so unpredictable, therefore it is never smart to go sailing without checking the weather forecast beforehand. It will never consistently be the same temperature and temperature drops can be frequent during the sailing season. It is very likely that you can be caught up in a storm during your sailing activity. Thus it is best to check the sky and sea conditions for your safety and ease. This will allow you to prepare for your sailing trip and tell you what to expect when you are out on the water. Being able to check accurate weather predictions is important.


10. Wear the right gear

As well as having a good jacket, to keep your upper body warm, it is also extremely important to layer well.  You need to have a good set of base clothes to keep yourself fully protected from the cold weather and comfortable during your experience. This includes a comfortable, durable, and warm pair of pants. Good quality sailing pants are the perfect place to start when purchasing the ultimate sailing wear. These pants have also been rigorously tested through the harshest conditions by professional sailors. Therefore they are perfect for you and your activity. These pants are; super-fast drying - much like dry suits - water and wind repellant, and surely very warm. They are flexible, lightweight, and can be easily layered with other accessories and clothing items.


Sailing pants

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Following these pro tips, you'll have a much better sailing experience by miles and will be sure to stay safe under changing weather conditions. You're welcome.


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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

Luckily, it doesn’t get that cold here. But these are great seasonal tips!


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