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Fishing rod


on November 04, 2020

Fishing brings us great pleasure! Fishing hacks always come in handy.

Fishing rod, fishing line


two fishing lines, many anglers

Do you spend a lot of time fishing with your family, on a boat, or onshore?

If yes, then stick around for these life-saving hacks that are guaranteed to drop your annoyance levels to a minimum.

Knowing tips and hacks are always great for anything, and it is even better if it makes things better while you need to be relaxing.

These ten hacks from a professional fisherman to make your fishing more efficient and less tedious are as follows:

1. Keep your fishing gear organized

It is crucial to keep your fishing gear in order, so you don't rummage through your fishing gear when you need it quick.

You can do this with the help of a storage caddy, with slots for knives, safety pins, fishing line, a diamond nail file, over 22 lures, colored tape, snell hooks, and even latex gloves.

fishing trip line, problem solved

This awesome caddy is a sure way to keep all your gear altogether and organized.

This way, catching fish and keeping your equipment together can be done at the same time.

2. Increase your catch tricks

With the introduction of modern fishing technology, it is now easier to increase your fish catch and show you exactly where the fishes are!

tips and equipment in your pocket

Avoid going over the same spots over again and get ultra-high GPS sensitivity with the Fish Finder

You can mark your hotspots at sea to return to them quickly and very accurately. You will be more productive and have more fun and excitement.

3. Keep your fishing gear from wearing out

Avoid overspending and replacing gear every once in a while, and fish smoother and better by keeping your gear in shape.

Your reel, tackle box baitcasting reel, and rods can be old and damaged if you forget about them.

Before every fishing trip check your gear and always pack and replace what you need

rod cleaner, methods to safe money

The Rupp Reel Rod Guard spray is wonderful for protecting rods against harmful corrosive elements.

Switch to putting this on your reel and rod and it will keep your gear looking new and preserve it.

4. Keep the fruits of your fishing from going bad

Coolers only work so well for a certain size of fish.

When bigger and heavier fishes bite, it is hard to fit those catches inside a box cooler without cutting up the fish.

You lose a lot of weight from the fish, too, if not properly stored the fish will go to waste. Not an expense you want to bear.

Specialized fish cooler bags are a great method for storing fish. It is specifically made for retaining good catches at their freshest form.

terminal tackle line size

 A highly recommended bag is the Fish Cooler Bag.

The four-strong handles make transporting a breeze, and it does everything we say you need in a fish cooler. The worse possible thing is a fish rotting on your boat.

5. Get over the smell

All fishermen know how hard it is to wash off the smell of fish and baits. After showering and scrubbing, it just lingers around and you smell like a catfish from head to toe.

Some methods say you should take a shower and wash with salt to neutralize the odor of the fish. An easier way, though, is to buy an odor neutralization-specific wash made for people like us to tackle the tough job.

medium heavy, medium action

For direction on what kind of product to use, try out this Hand Cleaner. 

It does the job really well for us, and works each time to remove the smell of bait and tackle.

6. Keep your bait small for more catches

If you've been sitting out all day with no catch, you may naturally put more bait on your hook to attract the fish. But this is not what you should be doing with your baits on the hooks.

Instead, you should take some bait off and put fewer baits on the hook.

This is a more effective way to keep bait to the minimum to get a hold of those sneaky fishes, or else they just keep taking nibbles from the larger bait and they get full before they bite and get caught n the hook.

rod line and fishing line

7. Try not to lose anything in the water

At one point or another, you are bound to let your sunglasses fall into the water if it has not already happened. The problem is that they will not float and sink to the bottom of the water.

Try attaching wine corks to the temples of your glasses, that way they will stay afloat in the water if they ever fall in the water.

These tips will save tons of your stuff and you will thank us.

You can also try attaching a small cut out from a pool noodle or float it to your phone with duct tape to keep it safe from getting drowned too. You can also put your phone in a plastic bag to keep it from getting water damage.

It works on pretty much anything!

tips to cast your rods and hooks, different action knot

8. Learn all the essential knots

You can not go fishing and have a smooth sail without knowing how to tie ropes and knots like professional fishermen.

Learn how to tie some crucial knotting techniques, for example, the Uni knot, Surgeon's knot, or the No-slip loop, and practice them and re-tie them till you get the hang of it and it becomes like second nature to you to tie them.

Tying knots can be very fun too and is part of the lure of fishing.

tying knots

9. Boost your bait

Drenching half of your bait in Amino Compound can be a great way to boost your bait as it has high concentrations of protein. Which can lure more fish in. This is a simple and cost-effective method that can increase your fishing tackle drastically!

For soft bait, you can add half cod liver oil and chicken liver to your tackle box to help lure fish to your hook and fishing line. This will interest the fish more and make you cast and catch more.

tackle boxes, fishing line, safety pins

10. Carry the essentials on you

There is a lot of gear that you need on you and near you, while fishing and what better way to have that gear in your pockets?

However, it is not possible to carry lures and hooks in your pockets. Thus, a vest with ample storage is the ideal tip for this and you most definitely need a tackle box too. You need to store tape, hooks, a jig, or jigs

So carrying your gear in a fishing vest decreases your odds of losing your valuable gear and having it readily available.

Hooks and lines and jigs and tape can be kept in your vest and in your box you can keep spare hooks and braided lines.

size line, push rod, minnow hook

We hope that these fishing hacks prove to be just as valuable to you as they have been to us, be sure to follow these tips to make your fishing experience buttery smooth. 

For more fishing tips and tricks go take a look at this blog, which tell you about the things that you need to check before a day of fishing.

hook, rod, line

Also, have a look at this blog that will tell you more about the different fishing vessels for saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Happy fishing and have a safe trip while having fun and improving your skills.

Fishing hacks with Boat Parts and Accessories | Marine Supply Store | Marine Supplies US the US boat store, who cares!

Fishing accessories just for you.

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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

I have a similar caddy and it is so handy! Keeps everything neat and tidy!


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