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10 Amazing Tips for Winter Camping

10 Amazing Tips for Winter Camping

on August 15, 2021

Planning a winter camping trip? here is everything you need to know for a cold-weather camping trip.


10 Amazing Tips for Winter Camping

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As winter begins to set in and the temperatures start to plummet, many people begin thinking of how they can spend their days indoors. But for those who choose not to hibernate, there are plenty of options for outdoor activities. One such activity is camping in the wintertime!

There are a number of winter camping tips you want to go through before heading out into the cold (and snow) so that you're prepared for all weather conditions when it comes time for bedtime.

Here's our list of 10 amazing winter camping tips so that your next trip outdoors will be as comfortable and memorable as possible. If you've never gone camping during this time of year before, we hope these tips help introduce you to what could end up being your new favorite way to enjoy the season

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Winter camping is an amazing experience. It's a great change of pace from the hectic summer season and it can be a lot more affordable than most people think.

Temperatures can drastically drop, especially during the night; therefore, it is essential to gear up against the cold weather and everything that comes with it. Here are our top 10 winter camping tips on how to have a smooth sailing camping trip.

Get your winter camping gear ready with our 10 tips for winter camping!

1. Always take a thermos with you.

Camping in winter means cold temperatures, so be sure to pack a hot drink or soup that helps you stay warm and cozy. Stay warm by keeping a good quality thermos. The Guardian Collection Stainless Steel Tumbler keeps contents hot for 5 hours using vacuum insulation technology. The slide lock lid prevents leakage, so you don't have to worry when you put it inside your bag on rough mountain terrains.

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2. Take the right tent

There are vital factors you need to look for in a tent. It should be weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh winds. When buying a high-quality tent, look for bug-proofing, sunlight shielding, and good airflow. With smart construction, you can add air beds, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and more comfortably. Numerous mesh pockets inside to stash items and E-ports to bring in electrical power without letting bugs in is a huge pro to look for when buying a tent for a camping trip.

a High-quality tent will help keep your body temperature warm despite the cold temperatures during the night time pairing a sleeping bag liner with your sleeping bag in the tent is a great idea if you're spending the night in the fresh snow on frozen ground. Stay warm in this cold weather! Get yourself some sleeping bags. Shop now at Marine Supplies US


body heat, sleeping bag, cold weather, snow shelter

3. There's no winter camping without a toasty fire

There's nothing like a campsite bonfire with a cup of hot chocolate to warm up and get the party started; if there's a pot on top with wholesome goodness cooking inside of it, then it's even better. A great way to combine the fun of having a convenient fire while not risking a forest fire is to pack a portable stove. Here is a great hot water bottle trick for you to keep warm and avoid falling asleep next to lit fires, if you have an empty plastic juice or soda bottle fill it with hot not boiling water, turn the cap on tight, and pull a pair of warm socks over and lay it by your feet, it will help you keep your feet warm and retain body heat while tent camping in cold conditions. :

camping gear, colder temperatures , liquid fuel stoves, calorie dense foods

4. Be sure to stay well lit

You'll have a safe trip with a good flashlight or lantern on hand to guide your way while exploring or help you in a pickle in the middle of the night. Don't forget to keep a light for the inside of the tent too. Be sure to get a high-quality lantern or flashlight that will withstand all weathers and last long, you don't want to wake up in the dark at nighttime unable to use your light source.

 emergency, right winter camping gear, frozen solid

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5. Stay safe with a first aid kit

It's essential to stay well prepared for minor emergencies so that a first aid kit will be a lifesaver. Keep all necessary instruments needed for mishaps such as falls, cuts, stings, and more.

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6. Keep a good, warm pair of boots

Keep your toes toasty with a comfortable pair of boots that aren't too heavy and still warm and protective. Frozen boots will lead to a decreased body temperature. Winter or mountaineering boots are great for going into smoother terrains.

Hiking boots are better for rougher areas and will help you stay warm in the cold weather. Be sure to get boots with a middle layer when hiking through deeper snow.

lose snow,  winter camp, high winds, body heat

7. Keep a robust backpack with you.

Avoid too many different bags in your hands that become a pain to take care of. Invest in a backpack that holds many of your items well and is comfortable carrying.

A backpack with a waterproof or water-resistant outer layer is a necessity when camping in cold weather or melting snow.

trail conditions, body heat, weather conditions, freezing temperatures

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8. Go for gas-powered BBQ grills

A BBQ grill will give you a smoking time out under the stars with drinks.

When investing in one of these preferably foldable, easy to carry, and conveniently gas-powered, so you don't have to burn coal in the moist, freezing temperatures. You'll keep the environment and your car clean! having a gas-powered grill will also be more likely to withstand high winds.

snow melts, gas bbg, belting snow,

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9. Keep your comfort food warm with a thermal pot

Skip on snacks gone cold and pack a steamy stew in a well-built thermal pot to avoid heat loss. Make sure to pack some calorie-dense foods so that you don't store your foods on the cold ground to avoid freezing temperatures.

 coldest temperature, deep snow,  insulating layer

10. Stargaze with a handy compass

Not only will you avoid getting lost in the cold conditions, but a compass can also be a fantastic tool for star watching. You'll be able to locate the North star and the surrounding constellations. It's great to keep a star-watching guide on hand too. A trusted high-quality compass is a must, some even feature an LED light and back-lighting for easy reading and convenience in the foggy cold air.

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These tips have been valuable to us in our camping experiences towards the end of the year, and we are sure that using these tips will enrich your camping adventures during a heat loss time.


Pack your sleeping bag, traditional hiking boots, water bottles and become one with the cold ground at some great scenic camping destinations in the United States.


Ludington State Park, Michigan

Is your family hard to please? Do you have a hard time making decisions that will please everyone but still want them to have fun? Change your experience up a bit and take it day by day. There are many ways to be entertained at Ludington.

In Hamlin and Lakes Michigan you can go for a swim, rent a kayak, go on beach walks, explore the sand dunes, go jet skiing, beautiful marshlands and for nature hikes, there are majestic forests made. The accommodation offers can be found both seasonal and year-round.


Arches National Park, Utah

With weather-beaten buttresses reaching high into the sky daunting red stones litter the ground in the twisted Arches National Park which creates great photo opportunities and challenging trails.

There are great camping spots around even though they are limited but so long you know what you are doing you can backpack around. If a challenge and striking sites get you excited you are welcome, just always carry your compass with you as it is easy to get lost here.


Olympic National Park, Washington

For an outdoor enthusiast, this evergreen state has innumerable places, there is much more to Olympic than exceptional trees and hiking.

You'll find three ecosystems here completely different from one another, including a rainforest. When the season is right watch whales migrate or have adventurous hikes on the hills.

You can spend $5 on a backcountry camping permit and for the massive forestland, and put up your suspended tree tent anywhere.


Glacier National Park, Montana

Ordinarily, parks and camping areas aren't known for their exiting roadways, but at Glacier, you'll find the 50 miles Going- to- the Sun road. For those who like a little hairpin mountain joyriding this winding highway wends through the festival of nature.

Surely this park has much more to offer for campers. Any mountaineer armed with an ice axe will be enticed by an untold number of backcountry places en more than a thousand camping spots nestled among the receded Glacier


Whether you're an avid camper or have never set foot in the outdoors, winter camping is a fantastic experience for anyone. With the right gear and knowledge of what to expect from nature during this season, your family will enjoy themselves while staying warm and safe. We've provided some tips below on how to prepare for your next winter adventure so that you can explore without stress! Which other outdoor activities do you love? You'll be glad you did! How would YOU like YOUR perfect winter camping trip? Let us know by leaving a comment below today.

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Get ready for winter camping with Marine Supplies US find all camping accessories you need and enjoy the experience! 

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by Jasmine Hewitt on November 19, 2020

I’ve never done winter camping before. The grill looks amazing!


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