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At Marine Supplies US we stock and ship a wide variety of marine parts, with a variety of collections to choose from; marine navigation, outdoor gear, Camping gear, boat parts, marine accessories, boat accessories, and many more, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. We stock popular and trusted brands. We strive to always keep our prices low and affordable. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and excellent customer service. We are your number one marine parts store. Free shipping inside the USA

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Sailing in fog or boating in fog can be pretty scary! You can't see boats near you!

on August 02, 2021

Learning to sail? Follow some great tips for beginners! Get ready, sailors!

on August 02, 2021

Watersports, water activities, action-packed adventure, and a full-body workout! Let's dive in and explore.

on August 02, 2021

The right music can make your favorite activities more enjoyable, whether fishing, wakeboarding, or anchoring near a sandbar. It must...

on July 11, 2021

The sail begins with sailing skills and sailing basics. Start your sailing adventure today, learn the points of sail, read...

on July 10, 2021

The best underwater lights will make your boat visible and enhance its appearance. They also make diving safer. Easy mounting...

on July 09, 2021

Marine radio is an essential safety tool for mariners, regardless of whether they are out on the open seas or...

on July 04, 2021

Step by step guide on how to anchor, mooring, and dock like a pro. Learn the basics of anchoring, read...

on July 04, 2021